Posted by: painreliefcoach | April 16, 2008

Look Forward

Always have something you’re looking forward to.  Whether it’s a vacation, a weekly phone call with someone special or private time set-aside just for you, make it your job to keep a sparkle in your life.  Anticipate something special every day.  When it’s sunny outside, I look forward to a few minutes of feeling the sun on my face.  I schedule alone time each week with my kids.  I keep things flexible.  Sometimes we just hang out and talk or watch a game on TV.  We might play a board game, go out to eat or see a movie.  It depends on my energy level and mood and theirs.  I talk with my mother at least once a week on the phone.  I used to fold laundry when we talked.  Now I sit back and give all of my attention to her and our phone call.  I enjoy it so much more.  I look forward to that time to relax and cherish my mother.


My very first client, Charlie, will forever touch me.  Charlie was blind with numerous aches and ailments.  His wife, Ethel, had problems with her hip, which limited her walking, but she enjoyed good health overall.  I would see them one to two times a week.  I would visit with Ethel and then take Charlie out to do banking, grocery shopping and errands.


Ethel complained constantly and was miserable.  She had visitors and phone calls.  Charlie did the cooking and most of the household chores.  Ethel watched T.V.  Charlie always had a smile on his face.  He would tell me he looked forward to going out all week.  He was so appreciative of clerks in the store who would help him.


He anticipated sunny days, friendly exchanges with strangers, and making something new for a meal.  He looked forward to the smallest things and relished them.  Charlie always found the sparkle.


Find ways to create joy in your life every day.  It’s up to you to find the sparkle.



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