Posted by: painreliefcoach | July 23, 2008

Choose Positive People

Be very particular about who you spend time with.  Surround yourself with loving, supportive, positive people.  People who are negative, demanding or just plain mean are toxic.  They are toxic not only to your physical health, but also to your mental health and to your soul.  This is easier than it sounds.  Once I started eliminating toxic people from my circle, I also started bringing more positive people into my life.  I was careful to stop relationships when I realized someone was toxic to me.

The hardest decision for me was to divorce my husband.  Amazingly, soon after the divorce my life really started to come together.  I made good decisions; I received better and more effective treatments; my overall quality of life improved and my pain started decreasing.  Surround yourself with positive people as much as you can.  Be a positive, supportive person for others.  I promise this one decision will change your life more than you can imagine.



How can you increase time with positive people and decrease or eliminate negative people from your life? (Are there places you could go, boundaries you could set, time not spent any more with certain people?)


Sidebar Tip

To meet more healthy people join groups where healthy people are already gathering. Women’s organizations, health/community agencies, religious settings. Try something completely different. I met my second husband at a Rotary Club. I would have never attended one before but I was expanding my horizon of healthy people.



  1. This is very accurate and helpful information! Most people who suffer from chronic pain think miracle pills are the answer. Pain medication can be helpful, but it’s more important to incorporate exercise to strengthen the body in the long run. Having the right people around you is also very important, negative people only make the situation worse.

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