About Rebecca Rengo, Pain Relief Coach

I have had chronic pain for over 32 years.   It started with TMJ when I was 16, then I had migranes, was hit by a semi-truck and had cervical damage in my neck, it went into fibromyalgia and on and on.  Those of you with chronic pain know that frequently one thing leads to another.  I am also a psychotherapist for 25 years and have focused on the elderly and people of all ages with chronic pain conditions.  I wrote a book “Beyond Chronic Pain: A get-well guidebook to soothe the body, mind & spirit” which gives professional. practical and personal tips on how to live a normal life.  There were times I couldn’t get out of bed and now I travel the world scuba diving.  I know from medical research these techniques work, but better than that I know first hand from the hundreds of people I have helped as well as my own experience.  I want to share information, strategies and ideas on how to live a more normal life with chronic pain conditions, whatever they are.  It is possible.  I would love your comments & feedback.  Also, let me know what information you are wanting and I will do my best to post it.



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